Group Health Insurance

Mike routinely works with businesses of all sizes who either are looking to reward hard working employees with generous benefit packages or are trying to create attractive benefit packages to recruit new employees in competitive industries. With all of the changes due to the Affordable Care Act, many employers just want to know what their obligations and responsibilities are and whether or not their company can truly afford it.

What Mike wants employers to understand more than anything else, is that creating a benefits package for your employees is customizable to your wants and needs and it can be affordable when done correctly. Some of the most common benefits he helps companies with include medical, vision, dental, life, and disability insurances. He also offers options for companion products like accident and critical illness plans.

Whether you are looking to only offer medical benefits, or you want to create a package that incorporates a combination of products listed above, call Mike today and let him help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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